India is expanding Covid booster program to all adults, according to sources.


Covid booster : India is looking into the possibility of allowing all adults to receive covid booster doses of Covid-19vaccine vaccination, two sources knowledgeable about the subject reported on Monday, as the number of infections rises in certain countries and a few Indians are unable to travel internationally without the third dose.


Only frontline workers as well as those over 60 are permitted to receive boost doses throughout India either for free in government facilities or paid for at private hospitals.

The government is mulling whether it is worth providing boosters to other groups at no cost according to someone who spoke to who requested anonymity because the government is yet to take a decision.

A spokesperson for the ministry of health did not respond immediately to a request to comment.

Members of parliament have called the covid booster use to be approved in the near future for all adults.

This week, the health ministry advised Indian states to increase surveillance for the disease, citing increase in cases in certain parts of Asia as well as Europe. Countries like China along with Italy have experienced a recent increase in cases.

The number of infections in India have dropped to their lowest levels in over a year but there have been 1,549 cases of new infections reported in the last 24 hours with 31 people dying.

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The country was devastated last year after the flurry of Delta-related illnesses which saw hospitals run out of room and people dying in parking spaces In India, the number of cases during the epidemic now stands at over 43 million and 516,510 deaths.

From the 1.81 billion doses of vaccines dispersed among approximately 1.4 billion, over 20 million of them are boosters.

On Twitter, a few Indians have stated that the organizers of certain events in the world are limiting attendance to people who have received booster doses. Countries like Israel for instance don’t consider vaccination complete without covid booster doses.

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