Govt approves continuation of NACP, Phase-V till March 31

The Union Cabinet approves continuation of National AIDS and STD Control Program Control Programme, a Central Sector Scheme fully funded by the Government of India from April 1st, 2021 through the 31st of March 2026. It will have the expenditure of 15471.94 crore after the approval of phase V of the program.

The Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs headed by PM Narendra Modi, granted its approval to the for the continuation for the National AIDS and STD Control Programme ( NACP Phase V). The nation-wide AIDS response was launched through the Government of India in 1992 when it launched the initial Phase of the National AIDS and STD Control Programme. Since since then the all four stages of NACP have been completed successfully. The Phase IV (Extension) of NACP ended on March 31st 2021.

The nation-wide AIDS response within NACP is considered by many as a very efficient program. The number of annual new HIV cases in India has dropped by 48 per cent compared to an average global rate of% (the base year of 2010). The number of deaths due to AIDS has fallen by 82 per cent in comparison to an average global rate of 42 percent (the base decade of 2010). In the end, HIV rate in India is still very low, with an adult HIV rate of 0.22 percent.

Many game-changing initiatives have been implemented in 2014, such as The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act (2017) which includes the Testing and Treatment Policies, Universal Viral Load Testing, Mission Sampark, Community-Based Screening, the transition to a Dolutegravir-based Regimen and more have all contributed to the effectiveness of NACP. As the result, about 14.20 million persons who are living with HIV (PLHIV) have been receiving long-term, low-cost, and high-quality anti-retroviral treatments (ART) through programs-supported clinics. It is among the biggest groups of PLHIV with treatment programs funded by the government.

It is the NACP Phase-V will take the national AIDS and STD response to Financial Year 2025-26 towards the achievement of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 3.3 of ending the epidemic of HIV/AIDS as a health risk to the public in 2030 by implementing the complete program of prevention treatments, detection, and prevention.


* Around eight crore people will be covered annually with a tailored package of prevention-detection-treatment services.

• More than 99.5 percent of the population that is adult will remain HIV uninfected.

* Nearly 27 million HIV testing will be conducted with around 14 million in women who are pregnant, during the five years of NACP Phase V.

One million HIV infected patients will be taking Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) by the time the project is over.

* Approximately 80 000 test for viral load will be carried out in the presence of HIV affected patients to assess the effectiveness of treatment to the goal of achieving the goal of reducing viral load.

The program will offer no-cost HIV prevention treatments, detection and services in both community and facility environments to vulnerable, high-risk and other populations at-risk and people living with HIV without stigma and discrimination . The program will promote equity and inclusion. The program will also support community system improvement through informal and formal engagement with a particular focus on the decentralised model for monitoring of the district-level program and a feedback loops between the community. The program will pay particular focus on the most vulnerable groups, young people and pregnant women. The programme will provide the full range of services. The community will be involved in the development process, as well as providing evaluation and provide feedback to the program to provide guidance on strategic direction as well as mid-course adjustments.

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